Article by U.S. renowned journalist Diane Dimond
Article by re: Recovery produced by Mark Burnett covering the rescue missions of Bazzel Baz.PeeJ Opinion says: “We applaud “Recovery” and show producer Mark Burnett for this idea. We urge members of to contact CBS, asking them to continue with this idea. It is a worthy enterprise that may very well pay off in the recovery of abducted children. If you are against that, then we suggest taking a long hard look into a mirror.”

See Recovery pilot trailer of real-life ARC rescue mission of Hanson/Sykes Case
The Rescue of Willow Bradfute
Article by Jay Richardson of SMOTJLA

When the good soul Mark Miller was out of resources to help Tiffany rescue her son in South Korea, he called on Bazzel Baz and ARC to head up the rescue mission of Tiffany’s son, Koby Rubin. The operation was covered by Lifetime in “Beyond the Headlines: The Tiffany Rubin Story”, which aired immediately following Taken from Me, and was later retired from Lifetime’s website. Below is a screenshot of the original link with Bazzel Baz pictured in the video. If you would like a transcript or to see the actual video, please feel free to contact Lifetime and request re-publication of this worthy truth on their media outlets.

For the Love of a Girl – Lily Snyder
By GREG STAHLStaff Writer Idaho Mountain Express
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Some people say the best day of their life was their wedding day or the birth of their children. Those were great days for me as well, but if I was to choose the absolute best day of my life it would have to be December 4, 2003. Thursday, December 4, 2003 was the day I was reunited with my abducted daughter. My name is Mandalyn Hanson and this is my story.