Our Staff

B O A R D  O F   D I R E C T O R S

  • Bazzel Baz

    Founder & President


    Baz is known as “the Patron Saint for Missing Kids.” He is a former CIA Intelligence Special Operations Group Officer, a Citadel graduate, recipient of the Intelligence Commendation Medal and a former counter-terrorism officer in the U.S. Marine Corps.

    In 1993 Baz founded the Association for the Recovery of Children [ARC], an organization comprised of former and active intelligence, military, and law enforcement personnel dedicated to the recovery of missing and exploited American children, in foreign and domestic locations.

    Baz is well-known globally for his expertise and extraordinary skillset.  Author of Terrorism Survival Handbook, he has been called on by CNN and MSNBC as an advisor and spokesperson on the war on Terrorism and Homeland Security.  He is also a film and television writer, producer and actor, and is a member of the Writers Guild of America and Screen Actors Guild.

  • Sharkey Baz

    Airline Transport Pilot with over fifty years of flying experience with 14,000 + hours. Certified Flight Instructor/Instrument Instructor, Single and Multi-engine aircraft both land and sea. Type rated in Lear, Citation Jets and King Air 350. ( prior owner of Lear 003) Chief Pilot of Citrus World, Director of Aviation Polk Air Inc., Director of Aviation Alpha Jet Inc. Panorama Air Tours Hawaii, ComAir Orlando Fla., and VP Tires Unlimited. He is a retired Major United States Army, former 8th Special Forces Group (Green Beret) and distinguished combatant from conflicts in Korea and Vietnam. He also served as Senior Military Police Advisor to the Georgia National Guard, Forces Command Headquarters, and United States Air Force Crew Chief KB-29 Air Refueling. Sharkey holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Law from the University of Nebraska and attended Language School (Spanish) in Monterey California. He is the recipient of Prcht Badge, GCMDL, ARCOM w/1st OLC, EIB, AFRM, VCM w/60 Dev, VSM w/4 Bronze Stars, VCG w/Palm, AM, BSM , Air Force Outstanding Unit Award, Royal Thai Supr Mst Badge, MSM.

  • Tom Flores (decease

    Tom Flores was Director for worldwide corporate security for Fluor Corporation. He was accountable for directing and managing corporate security efforts across a wide spectrum of project types including oil and gas, mining, industrial, and government as well as corporate investigations concerning fraud, waste, and corruption throughout the world. Rising to the rank of Colonel, Mr. Flores served from 1966-1990 in the U.S. Army that included multiple combat tours in aviation and ground assignments. He held a variety of command and staff assignments to include duty in the 82d Airborne Division (1977-81), public policy development on the Army General Staff at the Pentagon (1984), human intelligence collection in Central America (1984-85), and worked for U.S. senators as a Congressional Fellow (1986-87). He served in U.S. Special Forces in both Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations (1976-77). Mr. Flores served in Latin America in the Defense Attaché’s Office in Peru (1982-83) and as an Inspector General (1990-91), responsible for investigating alleged improper conduct of senior army officials. He also served as Professor of Military Science at the University of Arizona (1987-89).

    Mr. Flores was a Foreign Affairs and Congressional Fellow at Johns Hopkins University where he was tasked with organizing POW/MIA Veteran’s Affairs Committee hearings for Senator Dennis DeConcini of Arizona (1986-87). He held a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History from Santa Clara University (1966), Master of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Louisville (1976), and a Master of Arts Degree in Management/Human Relations from Webster University (1979). He was also a graduate of the Centro de Academicos y Estudios Militares of the Escuela Superior de Guerra (Peruvian War College) in Lima, Peru (1983).

  • William A. Wilson (deceased)

    William A. Wilson, (deceased) Los Angeles businessman and a member of President Reagan’s “kitchen cabinet” who was appointed the first U.S. ambassador to the Vatican. Not only was he a member of the inner circle of advisors who persuaded Reagan to run for California governor in 1966, and then helped guide his political campaigns but a friend and advisor who aided ARC in navigating major fault lines within the United States and abroad, bringing a 14,000-foot view of the corruption and political players that undermine the efforts of most NGOs in the war against trafficking. To date, his contributions allow ARC to connect the dots that mitigate liability when dealing with the “forces of darkness” that make exploitation of children part of their financial platform, whether that be in politics, industry, global expansion or the undercurrent of secret societies.

    D I R E C T O R A T E   O F   O P E R A T I O N S

  • George Ciganic

    Chief Investigator

    A former United States Marine in reconnaissance, Mr. Ciganic holds a MS, BS degree in human resource management and is an honor graduate with a decorated career in law enforcement that included tasking at the federal level. He maintains a Certificate of Forensic Science from the Cyril Wecht Institute of Forensic Science & Law at Duquesne School of Law. In March 2002, he was nominated for the Officer of the Month (December) and (May) and was nominated for Officer of the Year 2002. He has received the Justice Department Gold Team award 1998, ASIS Law Enforcement award 1998, DEA award 19997, Mayor’s Citation 1997, Bureau Citation (second highest award) 1996, Certificate of Commendation 2000, Letters of Commendation 1994-1996, DEA/Mayor/Governor/Justice Department Letters of Expeditionary Medal, Good Conduct Medal, Navy Citation, Battle Efficiency Ribbon, and Sea Service Ribbon with Meritorious mast for participation in cold weather exercises in Alaska.

  • Thad Turner

    Operator, Strike Force Recovery Team (SFRT)

    A former US Navy SEAL, Thad performed the duties Middle East, North Africa and Europe. As SEAL Team Two’s Combat Swimmer Instructor, he was selected for “real world” combat swimmer missions and was personally awarded the Meritorious Service Medal by the Secretary of the Navy for actions “completed at considerable personal risk”.

    He is a graduate of West Virginia University where he was a four-year letterman and Captain of the WVU DIV I wrestling team. Thad managed a wilderness school for at risk teens in 2001, Thad received the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Governor’s Award for Community Crime Prevention. He has served on several boards including The American Red Cross, Methodist Church Council, and United Fund. He is currently the CEO of a YMCA.


    Operator, Strike Force Recovery Team (SFRT)

    Juan F. Gonzalez Jr.  grew up the son of an aspiring Army officer. Due to his area of expertise, he traveled quite a bit. Living in three Latin American Countries and 6 different states fueled his desire to travel and experience cultures different from his own. In 1991, upon graduating from high school he joined the U.S. Army and became a Combat Medic. After being honorably discharged in 1994 he spent a couple of years in the Army National Guard and a few as a Navy Corpsmen.

    Finally, in 2001 he found his calling to become a Navy SEAL. He graduated from SEAL training with Class 238. He completed two combat tours in Iraq and two in the Pacific, all with SEAL Team ONE. Currently Juan is an active member at SEAL Team 17 and deploys in the SOCKOR AO.  As a Platoon Radioman, Sniper  and Tactical Air Controller; responsibility, determination, and attention to detail are the basic building blocks that have made him who he is today.  Juan is also the founder of EESS and supports Corporate and Private Entities worldwide.


    Program Director | Legislative Liaison

    Born overseas to career missionary parents, Tina has a life-long history of involvement in philanthropic and charitable causes.  She collaborates with several anti-child-trafficking organizations as a specialist in victim advocacy and victim services.

    Most recently Tina has spearheaded a collaborative program that coordinates law enforcement, government agencies, non-government organizations, professionals, churches and volunteer groups to provide immediate medical, legal and psychological assistance, shelter and wrap-around care to child trafficking victims from the time they are first recovered.

    Tina is member of the Lawyer’s Club of San Diego’s Anti-Human Trafficking Collaborative and serves on several other anti-human-trafficking advisory committees and task forces.  She is also actively involved in influencing California legislation and improving state programs for at-risk youth and child victims of sex trafficking.

A D V I S O R Y   B O A R D

  • Michael Watkins

    Michael Watkins has been in the motion picture business in virtually every capacity of design to execution. He has traveled extensively and lived in multiple locations both nationally and internationally edging his career with overseas film operations in war zones working with the military and other attached agencies. He has also worked extensively through the years with the (MCSF) Marine Corps Scholarship Fund and (TAPS) the Tragic Assistance Program for Soldiers. Versed on moving both large and small groups with great effect, purpose and completion within specific time parameters, Mr. Watkins has proven himself to be an influence of success when advising ARC on multiple operational levels and coalition building among the vast number of NGOs targeting child recovery and anti-human trafficking. He is currently birthing a veteran’s family network and developing shows that deal with the truths of children endangerment and issues that are active within the United States and the world at large.

    Katherine Haber

    Community Liaison

    With her entertainment career beginning in England, Katy Haber worked with legendary Director Sam Peckinpah, for eight years on seven of his films was Head of Production at EMI Films and produced Blade Runner for Sir Ridley Scott. She is a founding member and a Board member for 19 years of BAFTA LA, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts in Los Angeles and was Managing Director for five years. As Chair of the Outreach Committee she spearheaded the Helen Keller Park screening facility, which enables inner city communities to see first run movies in their recreation center. She was Executive Director at the Dome Village Homeless Shelter for 13 years, and has been active in Gang Prevention, and Youth Programs.


    Mayer Nudell, CSC, is an acknowledged authority on terrorism, crisis management, travel security, and related international political and national security affairs. A former U.S. diplomat, Mr. Nudell received two Group Meritorious Honor Awards from the U.S. Department of State. His last Foreign Service assignment was to the Office of Counterterrorism and Emergency Planning as Latin American and Middle Eastern specialist and liaison with the business, intelligence, and law enforcement communities.


    Adviser to CEO’s & policy makers on government and politics; John embraces his role as a guide helping organizations avoid political and public land mines while achieving their goals. John is a former Deputy Assistant Secretary in the office of Secretary of Defense Les Aspin and contributes regularly on National Defense and National Security issues in the United States.  At times John serves as a consigliere delivering tough messages and making things happen behind the scenes. John is also an entrepreneur, founding and leading several businesses that deliver cutting edge products and services.

    With years of experience in public policy, communications, international relations, business and government affairs, John is one of the architects behind engaging government with the creative arts community to bring innovative ideas and unique insights to issues of domestic and national security policy.


    Ms. Shepherd, Vice President Northeast Marketing Director with Hatch Mott MacDonald (an international professional consulting engineering firm), specializes in the transportation industry including transit, freight, tunnels, aviation, ports, intermodal, ventilation and systems and signals. Additionally she is involved in major water/wastewater tunnels and infrastructure projects throughout the country coordinating teaming partners, proposals and strategic pursuits and presentations. Bonnie resides in Washington DC and is a member of several transportation associations including American Public Transportation Authority (APTA), Women in Transportation (WTS) along with several other associations.


    Developmental Executive

    Robert is CEO/Manager for Red Baron Picture Corp. since Oct 2001. Roberts main focus has been guiding the careers of many actors, writers and directors as well as producing feature films and TV projects covering studios like Lionsgate, Miramax, Disney and all major Television networks. Hoping to spread awareness and make a difference Robert has come aboard to use entertainment industry relationships to help in building exposure and increasing sponsorship/funding for ARC.

    Chief Science Officer
    “RJ” McIntosh is a proven senior management executive with fifteen year’s extensive background in the aviation, communications and energy industries. He holds multiple degrees, designations and certificates in Program/Project Management and Government Regulatory Compliance.Mr. McIntosh’s career efforts have led to some high level achievements which include:2014 – U.S. Congressional Citation serving as a Scholar Fellow, U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Efficiencies Renewable Energies (EERE) Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP).2011- “EC4I” (Energy Command, Control, Communications & Intelligence Center) A renewable energy electrical power generation design/build portfolio for the island nation of Jamaica.2008- SEOD (Solar Energy Operations & Distribution) a solar energy multiplex platform for Dome Oil & Energy creating energy self-sustaining interoperability in the Caribbean.

    2006- Project New Sky (Secured first responder satellite to terrestrial voice/data interoperability program) receiving U.S. federal approval and grant funding from the Department of Homeland Security and National Institute of Justice.

    Mr. McIntosh is a U.S. Army military veteran, over the span of 12 years he served in the Military Intelligence/ Counter Intelligence field. He holds certification Project Management from Western Washington University and is a certified Fellow with the Intl Association of Project/Program Management (IAPM). Presently, RJ serves as an ORISE Fellow with the U.S. Department of Energy and is the designated national sector lead for data centers & laboratories. Further he holds degrees in Master Business Administration (MBA) Sustainability, Business Management and Applied Sciences (Energy Management) from City University of Seattle and University of Washington at Cascadia.

Note: We reserve the right to hire and terminate contracted staff personnel prior to, during, and after any operation involving the recovery of a missing and exploited child.

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Some people say the best day of their life was their wedding day or the birth of their children. Those were great days for me as well, but if I was to choose the absolute best day of my life it would have to be December 4, 2003. Thursday, December 4, 2003 was the day I was reunited with my abducted daughter. My name is Mandalyn Hanson and this is my story.