From ARC Training Course Participants

The following are direct quotes from ARC Comprehensive Training Course alumni. These are used by permission from their evaluation forms.

Holly A.

This course will change you for the better. It helps you understand the urgency of the need to fight paid child rape. It gives you the spark you need to take action and gives you the tools to be successful.

Anonymous Alumnus

The course was amazing! The amount of real-world experience you all taught the class from was honestly priceless. Thank you so much!

Anonymous Alumnus

Life changing experience. My eyes are open to a world I didn’t know existed. ARC has equipped me to take action and connect with others and save the life of a child.

M.K., Montana

I only wish it was longer! ARC has so much expertise it will take years to learn it all. But this is the best course that actually prepares you to rescue children.

Private Investigator, B.H.

"As a trained investigator, I wasn’t sure what to expect and how beneficial this training would be. I recommend this course to anyone who truly wants to make a positive impact on the plague of child exploitation. The quality of instruction far exceeded anything I experienced in all of my training.”

Comprehensive Training Course

Anonymous Alumnus

“Tina Paulson and Bazzel Baz are the true heroes. They are inspirational teachers with real life experiences presented in a humble, yet soul shattering training. We walked in, many of us led by our hearts, not sure how we fit into this overwhelming issue—preventing child trafficking and rescue of women, boys and children. We all experienced a transformation down to the marrow. Those who know cannot sleep. Those who take this course are changed forever.”

Anonymous Alumnus

This training was by far the best training I have been in. Very satisfied with the way it was broken down in a short amount of time. A lot of very good information and I met a lot of great people. This course has further changed my perspective on life.

Anonymous Alumnus

This course and particularly the course creators literally changed my life. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, guest speakers, PowerPoint presentations, interactions with other students, and will continue to learn from the handouts and class notes and practical exercises. Very grateful. Thank you.

M., San Diego

This is an answer to prayer. You made everything so much clearer and I felt empowered and equipped to do more for our children.


“This course is a must for anyone wanting to make a difference in the world of human trafficking!”

Anonymous Alumnus

Baz and Tina were fantastic instructors. I appreciated their candor and knowledge of the topic. Looking forward to working with them in the future.


“[The instructors were] awesome, enthusiastic and knowledgeable. Valuable info. Really thought the mock scenarios and 5 paragraph was valuable practice! Wish we can do that a couple of times. Very informative and thorough! God bless and protect you on your continued missions. Don’t forget your full armor.”


“Exceedingly beyond my expectations, day 1 shifted my paradigm beyond awareness. This was my first exposure to anything like this other than awareness and some previous info from Vets 4 Child Rescue. I have no critique as to improvement. I will leave here different than I arrived and more equipped. I will pray for you all. I am in NC and will do anything I can to help. Thank you.”

Anonymous Alumnus

“Phenomenal experience! I learned so much that I’ll be digesting it for weeks to come. I was ready for this training, felt called to be here, and I’m glad I listened. Not only did God deliver but He went far beyond my expectations to expose me to those dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable, staff who were transparent with the facts, generous with their hard-earned knowledge and grounded as they presented. I walked away ready to take my next step to combat trafficking.”

Comprehensive Training Course


“This training was amazing. I’ve never been to a class like this, so I didn’t know what to expect. I was prepared to see a lot of horrific pictures, but, thankfully, that was not necessary for the training content to be taught. There was a variety of people with many different types of backgrounds which elevated the learning experience. Their input and knowledge really raised the bar for a unified experience. Baz and Tina are absolutely amazing and impressive. Their compassion for the children and young adults is their #1 priority. They work endlessly to help eliminate this horrific crime. They really are dedicated to getting a lot of people aware and trained to make a positive difference in the world.”