Combatting Child Sex Trafficking


Are you or your organization serious about combatting child sex trafficking in strategic and effective ways? Are you people of action? Are you prepared to know the deepest and darkest arenas of child trafficking? Are you prepared to hold the line to protect children from exploitation? Would you be willing to work with victims and survivors face to face? Are you emotionally equipped? If so, then please read on.

Protect the MOST VULNERABLE...Our Children

As a nation, we are failing to protect our most vulnerable citizens--our children. Woven into the fabric of American culture, society, technology, our social structure, systems, even our government, are channels that are used to exploit, abuse and traffic children.

Threats to our children go undetected by most Americans, and the tactics of exploiters are well hidden. With specialized expertise gained by ARC's operators and decades of experience rescuing missing and abducted children, learn what ARC can tell you about how to protect them and prevent trafficking and exploitation.

Learn the trade secrets of predators. Learn how the breakdown of families, over-sexualized culture, media, programming, corruption, legislation, lack of accountability in our systems, and selective justice leave our children in danger. ARC provides a comprehensive training on human trafficking, how to fight child sex trafficking right in our own communities and help care for victims.




1. Intended Audience: Organizations, agencies, entities or individuals having or pursuing direct impact in combatting sex trafficking in the form of prevention, intervention, rescue, advocacy or direct services to victims or survivors

2. Requirements: Application and background check. This course imparts detailed information about the trafficking criminal enterprise, recruitment tactics, exploitation, and victim vulnerability. ARC reserves the right to decline training on an individual basis to mitigate risk.


3. Registration: $350 per person (includes fee for background check)

4. Certification: Individual certification via a formal certificate is awarded following completion of the entire course and successful background check.